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Fetch Hockey 

Fetch Hockey is a preseason hockey training programme based in Christchurch. The program runs for the first six weeks of term one and is open to any children from year 3 to year 13.

The goal of the programme is to create a fun and challenging environment which helps young players no matter what level to develop their skills and game understanding.  
Fetch was established in 2005 by former Canterbury Hockey development officer and Midlands High Performance coach Lincoln Churchill and joined by shortly after in 2007 by Canterbury rep, school, and Southern NHL coach Matt Ling. 

Players who enrol in Fetch train in groups of eight once per week for the first six weeks of term one. Groups are assembled based on age and ability. The progamme focuses on skill development, decision making skills and enjoying the game! Fetch has a low player to coach ratio than a conventional team training that provides a platform for more player feedback during the sessions.



Thanks for an awesome season again. Last year only 3 of the girls did Fetch from our team, and all the parents commented on their skills and how they really started the season off so prepared. So this year our whole team joined Fetch. Its great to have program to help the girls get ready and excited for the season ahead. All of the feedback from the girls has been super positive and I am sure they will hit the ground running this season.

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